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I’ve done it!

I’ve managed to get in to the 149lbs, it was only after a few days. I had been stuck in the 150lbs for too long!

Im trying my best. It’s hard work but I’m doing it. I’ve been exercising all day, and I can’t wait to weigh myself tomorrow.

I hope the wait can continue to go down.

I’ve brought myself a dress in the size I want to end up being. It’s a big motivation, I hope it helps me to continue to loose.

I can do this!

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Sugar intolerance?!?

Recently when ever I eat sugar or products with refined sugar, I get very ill. I feel sick, have unbearable dizziness, and head rush kind of feeling.

I just had some toast but I had some chocolate spread on it.

I’m trying to monitor what I eat.

It’s helpful to know that sugar foods make me ill and it will hopefully help with weightloss.

Ive never had any physical symptoms from food until now,

I’ve gone through anorexia to over weight and then where I am now. I’m over weight now, but not by much, but I’m trying my best to loose weight. So no more chocolate spread on my toast.

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Christmas lights?

My family always put up Christmas lights out side the house, we all love seeing them so why don’t we help dad put them up?

There’s enough of us to help him get it done really quick and then, dad won’t be out in the cold for hours.

I think dad is feeling the same this year, because they have just been left up from last year.

We don’t support or help him enough,

I’m sure they will look as good next year, just as they did last year.

Christmas lights,🎅🏼❄️☃️🛷