6th January 2016

  Today I had therapy, it was really tough and week talked about a lot of deep things. After I was feeling very drained and mostly slept the rest of the day. But I’ve just done a test run to the liabrary and back because I’m meeting a health coach there at the end if the month so that was good. I got very anxious and exhausted and my up band kept vibrating and flashing telling me my pulse was too high. I’m still feeling down that i weigh the same I know Sunday’s are my weigh days but I just had to see if I had lost any weight. Which I haven’t so far. I’m feeling bad that a present I brought someone broke so I’m buying them a new one. I feel guilty I have done any house work or washed today, πŸ˜‘ anyway I will leave on a positive note we walked to the liabrary and clocked up 7000 steps. πŸ˜ƒ


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