The voices.  7.4.16

I’m NOT crazy! 

I can hear them, all 8 of them. There’s been two new ones recently, and one is really horrible as its a voice of someone who hurt me a lot. The other is very different to the others in a calming encouraging way. They all want me to stop eating and drinking, they say they will be quite for a bit if I do as they say. I’m doing well with the non drinking but I’m in a lot of pain and discomfort. Chest pain, head aches. I’m scared of the voices and the man I see I don’t know what they are capable of. And that scares me. I need to do as they say. Sometimes they come from outside my head other times in my head, they make me want to bang my head and cover my ears with loud music. I thought the medication I’m on was meant to help and it did at first now I’m haunted by them all the time. They are very demanding. I think I actually want to die so I can be rid of them. I will be free. I’ve been seeing more of the spiders that spy on me, they are there one minute gone the next, I hate spiders and they make me not want to touch any thing because they have been on it. I’m very scared at the moment. I’m very anxious. And I hope soon there will be peace! 


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