Tuesday 12th April 2016

Had a visit from my CPN at 8 am, but I did t want to talk. So she gave me my medication and then left, I called up later asking if I can collect my medication from reception on Mondays that way saves her making a wasted trip. I’m okay on my own. I want to be alone. I can deal with this I just need no one to interfere. The voices are really bad, and I’m really anxious they want me to self harm, they said they will leave me alone for a bit if I do, and sometimes they really do go away. So I guess that’s the only way I can see forward I just need to be careful because of the spies, there everywhere at the moment. I have to be careful what I say and where I go. I hate my life like this, but the thing I need to remember is I can end it at any time. I’m in control.  



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