Today has been a real struggle, the voices are very loud, demanding my attention. I’m struggling to focus on one thing, or read, my thoughts are going over dive. It’s taking me ages to type the above, because I just can’t keep my thoughts straight. I really want to harm and I want to because it’s what the voices want me to do. I was warned by God that I’m being spied on, and if I’m not careful that they will collect my dna and clone me. I know they wanted this in the past but God told me today that I let my guard down. He is right, I need to be more careful. The spyders and birds are working together, it’s all starting to make sense. My cats don’t always look how I remember they, it’s like someone has swapped my cats when I wasn’t looking. I am scared, about having a chip in my body which is telling the birds and spyders where I am, I don’t know where it is, although it might be the medication, and once it’s been digested it then runs out that’s why I take it twice a day, it would make sense. I’m worried about who is spying on me, and who is behind all of this, I know the care team are, and the government, and nhs. But what about my family and friends. Who can I trust, can I tell anyone I suspect them to be working to collect my dna. What if they use it against me to make me weaker so they can get the information they need. Gods voice is so calm and clean. He speaks with power and clarity. I’m so glad he warned me. He can’t stop them but can give me the correct information so I can take precautionary steps to prevent myself being cloned. Who can i trust. I’m anxious and scared. I need to be very careful. 


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