My birthday. 

It was my birthday at the weekend, I normally struggle a lot around my birthday. I hate the attention and the fact it’s such a big built up thing, (well it is in my family.) But this year was surprisingly okay. I sent the morning of my birthday with my family, they came to mine which is a very rare occasion. It went okay though. The morning of my birthday I weighted myself as I always do and I was a weight that I was okay with, and then I looked in the mirror with lack jeans and a black vest top. I thought I looked OK, not too fat. But I was so wrong, later the same day I saw a picture of my that my sister took, and I’m huge. I’m really trying to work on getting my weight down. I hate feeling like this, fat and ugly. Anyway back to my birthday, I then went for a nice walk through a park, and it was a lovely walk, it was raining and it felt so nice to have rain rolling down my face. It was fresh. 


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