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The nightmare from hell.

So last night I had a nightmare which was so horrible I woke up feeling sick and shaking. It brought many things that have gone on during the week muddled up in to one dream. I won’t go into it as it does bring up some triggering events,but I will talk about how I coped with being in that situation. First thing I did was I had to reassure myself I was safe, but checking the door was locked and that I was the only one in my flat. I then texted a supportive family member, this helped as I was able to talk through the nightmare and about things that would help me settle down. He suggested instead of going through my to do list, do something comforting, eg: cuddle up in my soft new blanket, and watch something on TV/ or listen to music. I have done this. I feel much better, the soft blanket that I’m stroking is keeping my mind busy and helping to bring me back to reality, by sensory. The TV is giving me something to focus on and, not thinking about the nightmare. I feel much better. 


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