Saturday 17th September 2016

One of the worse nights of my life. I got woken up at 1am to police banging on my door, I woke up in such a panic i couldn’t stop shaking. The police lady told me what was going on and a very serious crime had taken place where I live. I manage three hours sleep this night, I felt sick and it brought back so many flashbacks and horrible feelings. I walked past the place it happen as there was no way to avoid it, went out for a few hours, but was so exhausted came back and still felt the same. I don’t know how I’m going to get over this, I was just managing to deal with the past and it all gets dragged up again. I’m truly terrified. I managed to sleep for a bit during the day and that night. I still feel horrible about it, feeling like I want to end my life so that I won’t have to think or suffer any more.


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