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I hate my body…

Today as I said in a previous post is an important day as my sister is collecting a trophy and it’s a really dressed up event. I’m wearing new clothes and feel really horrible. I hate my body. Even though I’ve lost 2 stone in the last three months I hate how fat I still am. I wish I had tried harder to tone up and loose the weight as I could have felt bettter now, but it’s too late. But what I have learnt from this is if you want something then you really need to work for it, from now on I will be. No more slip ups. Just weight loss, I’m starting late this morning as I didn’t get in till late yesterday, but I’m going to try my hardest for a new start, I will update later on how it has gone. I’m still determined I’m not going to eat, but we will see. Photo below is me yesterday. I know I’m fat!


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