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Weightloss challenge update…

I’ve got 10 days and I’m down 1 pound already, but 6 more to go. I know it’s going to be a challenge and I know I’ve got to put a lot more effort in to reach my goal. Today I’m going to try my best to burn as much calories as possible. 


7 thoughts on “Weightloss challenge update…

  1. I love the motivation, that is what gets you there. However, if weight loss is your goal: diet is what will make it happen. Better to cut 500 calories from daily consumption than to rely on cardio for it–the deficit is greater and the exercise will demand recovery, so calorie regulation will be more difficult.

    Best of luck, stay in it.

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    1. True, i don’t eat much though. I have about 500/700 calories a day. I don’t think I can cut it much lower. The problem I have is I eat all the calories in one go and all at night. Most of it is vegetables, but I know diet is important. Have you got any advice? Xx

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  2. Actually yes, I do!

    First off: unless you have a difficult time with only one meal, you’re not actually hurting yourself by eating it all at once. That is a perfectly fine way to structure meals. I actually JUST wrote about that very thing:

    As far as how to structure your calories, chances are you’re lower than you need to be, depending on your BMR and your weight loss goals. I could give you a caloric setting and a macronutrient recommendation, as well as foods that are cheap/good for weight loss. Obviously I’m not an RD so I can’t prescribe a meal plan, but I’ve done this for over a decade and would be happy to take a look at your stats for you.

    Let me know.


      1. Age, weight, approximate body fat percentage. If you don’t know what your bf% is, you can link me to a picture that looks like you and I’ll be able to accurately-ish eyeball it. I do this a lot.

        I’d understand if you’re rather send this information privately. My contact form can be used for that (I think, I’ve never tested it haha)

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