Anxiety · Diary

Day one 2017

Today started off with myself thinking this…

I’m starting the new year alone, having not seen or talked to anyone. Im planning on trying not to eat for as long as possible. What’s the point I want to loose weight and there’s no one to check to see if I’ve eaten so why not. I’ve also not taken my quetiapine medication last nights dose and this mornings, I have looked up the risk of stopping it cold turkey and it sounds scary, but I can’t cope with life like this. I’m scared and no one cares,  So that’s my plan so far. I reached my goal weight. I also saw another baby fish but it was too quick for me to catch it and put it in the mothering tank. Hope it survives. 

But it’s now the end of the day and I feel very different, I have eaten, and taken my medication and met up with one of my sisters. 

Picture of my cats earlier today. 


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