Day twelve 2017

I can’t cope. I can’t deal with this no more. 


2 thoughts on “Day twelve 2017

  1. Hey. I was reading a few of your posts today. I’m sure that you’ve heard everything under the sun regarding healing, coping, and helping your “situation”. Loneliness, depression, and anxiety suck!! However, I hope that you understand that when you post raw and honestly the way that you do, you help someone else who feels the same way you do, feel not so alone. I hope that others will reach out to you so that you understand how valuable you are to a complete stranger like me! I can’t lie and say that I can completely relate to everything that you’ve experienced and are going through, but I certainly care for you and I appreciate your honest posts. I hope that you’ll be ok and I’ll be coming by to check on your progress. I’m rooting for you!!!



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    1. Hello, wow what a lovely post to receive. Its post like this that help me to continue and have motivation to carry on. I hope you are well. Thank you. Best wishes.

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