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I hate what’s going on right now! 

My mental health team called my gp saying I’m I crisis and telling him to call them if I make contact. 

Also had a chat with my cpn today who was annoyed I wasn’t answering calls at the beginning of the week and I was speaking to her on phone this morning and she said “we are getting no where, I’m hanging up.” I can’t believe it the time I answer the phone and want to talk it gets thrown in my face! I’ve called back two hours ago saying I need to speak to her urgently but no reply. I also haven’t received my morning medication which was due two hours ago. There making things so much worse! 

Not happy with them right now! But I’m sure they will find a way to blame me and say it’s my fault! 


2 thoughts on “I hate what’s going on right now! 

  1. My CPN was exactly the same, whenever I was in crisis she’d never respond. I got discharged from her via a text message, because sometimes I’d cut myself off from mental health services because I didn’t want to speak to anyone at the time, but when I was in crisis services would basically tell me to deal with it myself. Which never ended well.. Forever getting the blame from the mental health services for anything that goes ‘wrong’ or isn’t right. Hope you’re okay though lovely. Xx

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    1. Thank you for your comment, sorry you’ve gone through it too I can sympathise. They keep threatening sectioning again. Which I really don’t want. I don’t get why she was annoyed that I wasn’t answering then does the same to me. I wish they would discharge me, but they said I’m not thinking clearly. Hope things get better for you. Hugs. Xx


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