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Update on seeing my cpn

She came in, saw the candles I explained why, that if the flame goes out I know the presence is near, and if I decide I want to I can set myself alight. She is on to me about my medication, she wanted to see it but I said the cupboard is a mess. We then said tomorrow on the phone we will talk about care plan. And I’m meant to be seeing support worker. I told her how I felt about what I told her in confidence being asked to me in the MHA assessment, but then I stupidly told her some of my thoughts and feelings. But I’m sure she won’t call another assessments and if she does i know how to get out of it. I asked if she would physically hurt me she said no, so does that mean she won’t be collecting the DNA and getting other to do it? I need to get out of her. I’m scared and I don’t trust anyone! I hate this. I want to be alone forever. 


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