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Update on therapist call with cpn.

My therapist called my cpn at the local mental health centre to ask for some help and support for me as therapist doesn’t think I’m in sound mind. Well it didn’t go to plan, my cpn said there’s no extra support for me, it’s up to me what I do. I haven’t got an appoinment with her for three weeks and she is fine with that even though I’m harming badly and medication. My cpn said there is nothing she can or will do. And that she suspects I know how to get through a mental health act assessment without being sectioned which is true, but this doesn’t mean I don’t need help and support. So in conclusion with that call my cpn said it’s up to me to do anything to help myself, but there are no options, e.g. Calling or a crisis team. So how am I supposed to help myself. 


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