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When is the right time for help…

Everyone was worried about me a couple of weeks ago, I wasn’t returning calls or answering the door so, the police were called to do a welfare check, and  then two days later a mental health act assessment. Nothing has changed since that week, if they have they have got worse, yes I lied in the assessment so I wasn’t sectioned but I still want help, please help me… 

but no, now my calls aren’t being returned or if they are I’m told they can’t/ won’t help. But in there eyes I passed the assessment, I must be fine so let’s stop all the help we could offer! 

So no help is offered although nothing has changed from before the assessment, yes I lied so I could stay out of hospital but I’m still as ill as I was when they called it. So why is no one doing anything?

Why am I being left to self distruct through this madness. 

Too ill to decide if I need help so an mental health act assessment is called and then not ill enough to be helped! Come on your letting people down, I’m asking for help please help me. 


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