Anxiety · Emotionally unstable personality disorder · Personality disorder · Schizophrenia

Moment of madness

I’ve been terrified for months, about being spied on so I put newspaper up at the windows so no one could see in or out. I felt safe, I’ve just taken some of it down. I’ve put my barriers down, I feel vulnerable, but I feel it’s a huge step in trying to get my life as back to normal as possible. 


3 thoughts on “Moment of madness

  1. I actually just moved in a house where my neighbors could see everything i do if they wanted to, took me a while to feel comfortable here. I understand it’s much different for women, us men have little shame so if we caught someone looking at us naked we would probably just give them a wave (or moon them). I Feel that the more i “shut myself in”, the more paranoid i become though, taking a walk for about 30 mins to an hour a day helps


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