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1st February 2017

The dates are gone but I still feel really effected about them.

i have got plans today, I’m not sure how it is going to go, but I will try my best. I’m unsure of where the limit is. 

The voices are changeing. Last night a song was signing over and over I’m my head, when it stopped I woke up, I was scared I wanted it back, then it started again and I could go back to sleep. The voices are screaming at me, they want me to harm, they want me to push a little further. I’m going to folllow them as much as I can. When will this stop. 

The bird, the dead bird that’s downstairs out of my door, I need to check it for cameras, and prove to the police there spying on me. It’s the government too. I’m not safe anywhere. I’m not in control. I don’t feel safe, I’m not safe. 

Don’t try and push this off and say it’s your illness, i know it isn’t. They are using that as an excuse. It’s not fair. 


3 thoughts on “1st February 2017

      1. If you feel more in control of situation does this help. Some people feel certain items of clothing help the situation. Perhaps letting someone know you need your personal space which is not to be invaded under any circumstances. Is there anything to help feel less watched or anything to stop anything from. Happening to you . Hope this makes sense.


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