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I need to vent.

Don’t you just hate it when someone only thinks of them selves, it’s even worse when it’s your mum!

 I really wanted to go and see my sister in her first time in a go kart today but she told me yesterday that she wouldn’t be in the kart. So I accepted that, but now I just text mum to see how it’s going, and she did go in the go kart. I missed her first time, because of my mum wanting control, and to push me out. I love her, but she mainly thinks about herself. 

Everyone thinks she is amazing and will do anything for anyone but it’s so wrong, they don’t see the truth and that is because she hides it from them. She never comments on anything I put on social media but likes and comments on all my friends post… why? I know she loves them more than, she will ever love me. Like I said in a previous post I’m the trial child. 

I’m really angry and upset. She seriously can not push me out of this family any more. I bet none of them even think of me as family because of how things have been made to be. 

It’s purely selfish. I’m having a vent on here because I know otherwise I will write a Facebook status aimed at her and create a massive argument, that’s the problem I just have to accept her horrible behaviour and how she makes me feel, because she has the power and ability to make things so much harder. 


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