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Living alone with support.

I live alone but rely on a lot of support and help from my carer and (even though I don’t want to admit it,) my care team. 

My carer goes to work and I’m able to call and text anytime I need, which is really helpful with out this my anxiety would be so high and I probably wouldn’t cope. I count down to the hours of when my carer will come and help me. I look forward to the knock on the door. It’s a massive relief. I put a lot of reliance on them. My carer then listens to my day and what I’ve got up too. Then helps me cook dinner, when I say helps me, basically does it for me. If my carer wasn’t here I probably wouldn’t eat and take medication. I look forward to seeing my carer and it’s the highlight of my day. 

So living alone is scary and I know I wouldn’t be able to cope without my carer. I wouldn’t know what to do, when or what to organise or sort anything out. But I am greatful I live alone, I really do love my family but it was too stressful to live with them, especially with the anorexia, suicide attempts and self harm. 

I say I live alone but I have three cats, these are so important to me. I would be terrified without them. They bring me great comfort and love. It makes me feel responsible for feeding and looking after them, which makes me feel more like a normal 24 year old. 

My care team and carer, work together to support me to keep me in the community and to be able to live alone. 


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