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15th Feb 2017 update so far.

Today i woke up reasonably early. Phoned my GP and spoke to him on the phone about how im so anxious about the spying and dont feel safe. But that wasn’t much help he advised i call my CPN which i did but she was off ill, which i believe is because of our appoinment yesterday and i feel guilty about that. Anyway i spoke to a duty CPN who seemed nice. I told her that i dont believe my quetiapine is giving me the full Benifit and was wondering wether it could be upped as previously talked about in our last meeting of it going up to 1000mg. I also asked if there is anything i can have to help with my increased anxiety, as i dont believe im coping very well with my anxiety. I then got a text from my therapist canceling tomorrow, I completely understand as something has come up for her, but i guess i was really looking for ward to having a good talk with her as I didn’t see her last week and im really struggling. But i fully undersand. Also had a parcel come through which im pleased with as its for my sister. Ive also had a text from the reverent at the local hospital and im able to go and see her today which Im really looking forward to as I believe it will help me so much. Ive spoke to my carer a bit on the phone and ive weighed myself, i have put on a lot of weight, so I decided to try and exercise as much as possible, i need to loose this weight. I know weight loss is a life time pan but i really want to loose the weight by 71 days. I can do it if i start trying. 


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