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Haven’t posted in a few days, so here’s an update.

Things have been really tough my day is consumed by anxiety and the voices. Which then leads me on to worrying about the spying. I haven’t really left my flat. But I text the reverent at my local hospital, because I know that if I have a bible, I will be safer way from the spying and them trying to collect my DNA it will make the devil back off. 

I had an appoinment with my cpn, and she was saying she doesn’t feel safe around me with what I was saying. So I wanted to know should I just not tell her so she can’t get scared or carry on telling her the truth. 

 I received a lovely gift yesterday. Picture below, also recieved some other gifts. I’m so lucky. They are perfect, I’m going to start using them in my blog post to try and end on a positive vibe. 

Haven’t weight myself since.

Just spoke to docot about the spying he said I need to believe him, and I tried to call my cpn but she is off sick. I hope that wasn’t because of anything I said.

All but one of the baby fish died they were only a week and half old. 
Got a lot of appointments in the next few weeks. 


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