Anxiety · Carer · Mental health · scared · self harm

I’m trying to be a bit more independent so carer can have a break.

At the moment, I need constant support and help. I rely on my carer for near enough everything. He doesn’t get a break. 

We’ve tried before him going out to do something he enjoyed but I made that difficult because I’d use it as an opportunity to harm, which I did. This has then lead him not to have this time to him self. I feel bad and guilty about this. I don’t think it’s fair that I rely on him so much, that he can’t even have a few minutes to him self. I’m a difficult person. 

But the plan is to come up with a solution so that my carer can have an hour or so to him self. I think that will be great for him to have a break, and good for me to try and be a bit more independent and less needy. 

I’m hoping we can get to the stage soon, where he can have his own time. Just need to work out how. 


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