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I feel brighter.

Yesterday I was feeling really bad and wanted to end my life. Luckily I had the contact of my carer and he held, also a duty cpn called me as mine has been off over a week. And she told me about the changes in my medication. 

I’ve been feeling so much anxiety and want to get off benzodiazepines, so the plan is to up my quetiapine to 1000mg, which is over the recommended amount, and also going to go back on promethazine, to help sleep. As well as diazepam and procyldine, and then when we’ve got the permission I will be on pregabline. I’m happy about these changes as I really am struggling at the moment and without this change I do t think I would cope much longer. 

I took only the right medication yesterday, and no alcohol, and managed to do some exercise. I also went over my parents and sorted things out with my family. It was a long time over due. 

Things feel good, since I’ve got up I’m at the gym. I’m happy my weight has gone down by 5 pounds this week, so a massive relief that I’m on the right path again. 

I plan on doing the tidying, I haven’t done all this week and plan to get on top of everything again.  Feeling motivated. 

Hope your all doing okay. Best wishes. 


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