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Which way to go? 

Things often seem confusing and I find it really difficult to make decisions about my life. I also find remembering the decisions I’ve made hard and often forget I’ve made a choice. 

At the moment I feel lost about what is happening and what I want to happen and go on. 

I’m lost in my mind, I want things to start to get better and that means, right medication, exercise, and social contact with my family. 

I’m lost in where I want to go in life, but I don’t think I’m alone, there are many people at the age of 24 that don’t know what they are doing or where they want to go. 

Life changes all the time and really quickly, it’s hard to keep up, but as a society I think we will get there. 

Nothing is set in stone, you can change your path at any time you want too. Your in control of your life, no one else! 


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