Mental health

Not long until I will be an auntie. 

I have so many feelings about this. I’m really looking forward to a niece or nephew, and my sister becoming a mum. I think she will be great. 

I’m worried though because I don’t want her to be in pain but without the pain she can’t give birth. 

I also feel that as the oldest sister I should have had a baby first, but weighing up the life i have, it would be extremely difficult for me to have a baby, I can’t fully look after myself yet. 

Baby is in the right position, but got 42 days till due date. 

I have also set myself my own goals to be achieved before baby arrives, which were around weight loss, because I want to look nice in the photos when baby arrives. ( I don’t care if that sounds big headed) I want to look back at the photos and not be 100% ashamed with how I look. 


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