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I need to be strong. 

I know I’m not seen as the strong one, but I know things are going to get very emotional and I’m going to need to be there for my family. 

I think my sister having her baby will effect all of the family. I think my youngest sister will feel very left out and not the baby of the family any more. She is already struggling with her thoughts about her body and she is only going to be 10 years old this year. Going through anorexia myself has gave me a bigger insight in to picking up on little signs. I want to make sure she has someone to talk to and feel loved. 

I know my sister who has still blocked me on Facebook, is putting in a brave face. I need to make sure she still feels loved and supported especially as she is doing her gcse now. 

And then my sister who is due to give birth in 40 days, I think she is going to need her big sister. I will be there for all three of them. 

I love them so much, nothing will change that. 

I need to be strong. I know I can be. 

I will be the big strong sister I haven’t been before. I need to change my role by putting my own needs after my family’s needs. There so important to me. 


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