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I’m trying to only weigh myself once a week, on Sundays. I’ve managed to not weigh myself since last Sunday, but my thoughts are driving me crazy, to whether or not I’ve lost or gained any weight. 

I’m trying to be healthy, with exercise, eating and drinking, but it’s really hard when you have your heart set on reaching a goal weight. 

I don’t eat anywhere near the recommended 2000kcal a day. I have been managing to drink at least one litre of water a day, and I do have a bit of an obsession about doing my steps all by 1pm. 

I can start to feel the bones and seeing my measurements of my waist going down. It’s addictive, I love getting on the scales to see they’ve gone down again. I feel a little bit of satisfaction knowing I’m getting thinner, and heading to the weight I want to be. 

It is exhausting though, I’ve noticed I’ve been sleeping slit more than usual. This could be because of medication, exercise or something else like my low blood levels. 


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