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Years ago when I was sectioned, not enough beds! 

I have been sectioned many times in my life so far, but there is one particular time that has stayed in my head. I had been in the acute secure psychiatric ward for a few weeks under a section 2. 

 I was allowed some leave during the day, but I was moved to a rehabilitation unit for older people, I was about 20/21 years old and the people at this unit was about 50 and above years of age. I was moved here because it was the only NHS placement while I was still under a section. This shouldn’t have happened. I was moved because they needed the bed at the ward I was on but they didn’t feel I was safe enough to go home. 

I think this was discraseful. I was terrified and anxious. I hated it. They dragged one of the old men down the stairs because he wanted to go and have a nap and the rules where you weren’t allowed in your bedroom until 9pm. 

The first day I was there, I managed to convince them to let me have leave, I was only allowed a few hours but I rebelled, and cane back when I was ready. 

Also at the first psychiatric unit my bag was searched and everything that could possibly cause harm to myself was removed. When I was moved to the elderly rehabilitation unit, they didn’t check my bag and I was allowed all the things that were previously removed from me. I was still harming and they had no idea, or even cared. 

Then after a few days my consaltant from the first ward came to see me at the rehabilitation unit, and we both agreed it was making things worse and I was allowed home. Although I fainted twice the day before, due to my blood levels being too low, but I was still released in to the community. 

I would like to say this happened once and they learnt from, but no few months later I was in the same situation. 

Thankfully I haven’t been sectioned in a while. 


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