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What’s changed?

Since my antipsychotic medication being upped over the recommended amount, 900mg slow release quetiapine.

This medication is the best antipsychotic one I’ve been on. It really only has one main bad side effect for me which is low blood pressure. I did have the weight gain but I’ve got control of that. I’m in a healthy weight band. Which is good but I do still want to loose weight. Which is going back to unhealthy ways from my anorexic days. 

Things were going good, but now things seem to be harder and I feel like I’m struggling more than usual.

The voices are very demanding, and I’m trying to ignore them by having something on in the back ground, and I’m either writing or blogging. I’m trying to deal with it. 

I want to be okay and not scared.

I’m paranoid about every thing I hear or see. 

I feel out of control right now. I’m scared.



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