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Where’s my anxiety from? PLEASE HELP! 

Is my anxiety caused by my schizophrenia and psychotic symptoms? Or something else which then makes my psychosis worse.

There’s a lot of debating in my care team to the questions above? 

Since my antipsychotic medication has been upped I had this burst of confidence, I went out alone a few times, I’ve taken my newspaper down at most windows, and I don’t feel paranoid about being spyed on and in danger all the time. So I guess the medication is doing what it should be. But after about four weeks my anxiety is creeping up again, I feel scared to go out, I’m feeling anxious in my flat about any noise or movement. I feel really on edge, much different to a few weeks ago. But I’m not sure why I am anxious? 

What is making me anxious? 

Is it knowing there’s loads of changes coming up or am I getting paranoid again? 

The voices are making me anxious about certain things, they are warning me about the pain I cause others and that others would be better off with out me. They are saying people are out to get me, which does make me anxious, but is this the only/main thing making me anxious? 

If you have any insight in to this please message me I’m feeling really alone and uncertain. 

Why am I anxious?

What makes me anxious?

Is it the psychosis and schizophrenia making me anxious?

Or is it the anxiety making my schizophrenia and psychosis worse?

Which medication is best? 

Is there any other methods or things I can try that isn’t medication to help sort my anxiety?

Please help. Feel free to messsge me, I really need support,


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