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Bra shopping.

Today was my second ever time being bra fitted. I’m 24 by the way.

I first was bra fitted at aged 13, with my mum, when I was suffering with anorexia and anxiety. This was a really bad experience. The lady fitting me kept saying your too skinny to need a bra, even though I developed early, I guess that might be linked to why I became anorexic, but that’s another story. 

I’m now 24, so 11 years later I finally work myself up to being bra fitted. It wasn’t too bad. I think the anxiety of it was worse than the actual experience. I’m glad I went I’ve got a nice bra that fits me and I feel comfortable and lady like in it. I’ve been wearing sport bras for the past 11 years, it’s a big difference to wear a bra that fits and I feel confident in it.  I was also afraid of my scars all over my body but, the lady wasn’t bothered by them which put me at ease. 

I’m really proud of my self for doing this, I think it was well over due but it’s done. I did it. 


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