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New jeans in my favourite shop they fit well. 

I’ve only got one pair of jeans that fit me. I’ve lost a lot of weight, so I’m gradually fitting in to my old clothes when I was thinner. I’m at a healthy weight, and have some jeans that are massive and others too small. So one pair, until today. 

I treated myself to a second pair of jeans from my all time favourite shop, and this time I felt like I fitted in trying on clothes, I’m no longer over weight and feel like people are looking down on me or thinking I shouldn’t be in this shop. 

But I took theee pairs to try on the first were okay but a little bit tight but I though that’s okay, I’m going to continue loosing weight, and then I had one more pair but in two sizes I tried on the smaller size first and they fit perfectly. I was so comfortable, so I didn’t bother trying on the bigger size.

I’ve tried them on with the new clothes I’ve been saving for when I’ve lost weight, and I tried them all on together a few minutes ago. I felt so good, I was actually okay with my body. 

I’m starting to see and feel the changes. 


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