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I want to wear what I want without worrying about my scars.

I have scars all over my body. This makes me feel uncomfortable when there on show, most of them are from self harm but one from an operation. 

I guess I’m scared of upsetting others or giving others ideas to harm. 

How do you cope with scars on show?

Summer is soon approaching and I’m still wearing baggy hoodies so no one can see my weight and scars. Why do I feel like this, why can’t I just be happy with who I am?

Will Bio oil help with scars? 

No more harming, is something I want to try my best to do, which will mean no new scars and won’t stand out as much. 

Guess the only way to not harm is to get rid of the things I would use to harm. Easier said than done. 


2 thoughts on “I want to wear what I want without worrying about my scars.

  1. The eyes. I hate when people stare. I have scars as well. They’re not as prominent as they used to be, but regardless I feel like they’re the brightest things in the room if I’m around people in a short sleeve or shorts or something. It’s very . . . I don’t know. When there are stares, it’s like sharing all of yourself with people you don’t even know.

    I’ve personally found aloe vera to work wonders, it’s a reason why my scars aren’t prominent anymore. I usually just pick the cactus rather than buy it in the store.

    True story, a few years ago when I relapsed into cutting and burning myself and punching things, at some point when I wasn’t in my right mind, I hid everything I used (razors, knives, lighters, e.t.c) and I’ve still yet to find them. My brain hid them somewhere I don’t know about. Interesting.

    My brain and I have some serious sibling rivalry.

    Anyway, sorry, long comment. It’s hard, I know. You’ll find comfort in something. Scars only serve to remind us where we’ve been, not to predict behavior of the future. At least, that’s my view.


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