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The change from diazepam to pregabline.

I really want to get off diazepam and on to pregabline. 

I’m worried they won’t because of my blood levels, because I have lost a lot of bood.

Spoke to my cpn today, it is a possibility to do the medication change, but it will have to be really slow because of benzodiazepine withdrawal, I really hope this isn’t just talk and I can have the medication change. 

I’m more than happy to take my iron tablets to get my hb level back up to normal, I’m also agreeing to have the blood tests to keep an eye on things. If I can have my medication changed. 
Recent update,

If the blood tests results from today are okay, when my psychiatrist gets back from leave, we are all planning  on starting pregabline and slowly decreasing diazepam. 

Do you have any advice or stories about these medications? What is pregabline like? Does it help with anxiety? 

Is weight gain a side effect? I know the internet says it is, but personally is it?


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