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Emergency services and triggers

I’ve had so many terrible things happen with the emergancy services being involved.

I’ve never been arrested or in trouble in that sense, just being 136 sectioned by them, which is a section police can use to get you to a place of safety if your in the community and they think your suffering with a mental illness. This has happen countless amount of times. 

It makes me very anxious and had flashbacks when I see them. Even if I know they aren’t coming for me I still get this horrible sinking feeling in my body. It’s terrifying.

I’ve had ambulances pick me up after drinking so much I was unconscious, so many because of overdoses, and times where the courts got involved and took me to my local mental health hospital.

The police have been envolved with sectioning me, I’ve had dog units around me waiting to get taken to hospital, I’ve had them smash my front door down thinking I was harming in my flat, (I wasn’t even in the flat.) I’ve called them for incidents that I thought were really happening but according to cctv there was no one there, I was hallucinating people outside my window with guns. I really thought it was real. I can’t trust anything I see now. 

I get so scared when I see the emergency services especially when the sirens and blue lights are on. 

I don’t think I will ever get over this. 


One thought on “Emergency services and triggers

  1. Thanks for your blog post Rosie. I understand your fear of the 999 services. They have so much power when one is vulnerable. I too have had a negative experience with the paramedic and police service. They have changed the protocol now where I live in that if someone is self harming the police turn up first to make sure that there isn’t a weapon for you to harm someone. This is the last thing you need after self harming! Hope you are ok. Stay Strong, love Amy x


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