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I feel guilty eating.

On a day out with my carer, and it’s really difficult about food. If one of us doesn’t want to eat right there and then then the other won’t eat either. 

I feel it’s a lot of pressure to eat when he suggests otherwise he won’t eat and I fell guilty but I’m also feeling so guilty eating all this unhealthy but yummy foods.

Hopefully I can burn it all off. 

Im planning on during the days burning off more calories that I will be consuming throughout the day. I’m going to try and burn at least the active calories to match what calories I consume. Which will mean all my resting calories will still be being burnt, so I will loose weight. 

I’m strong I can do this.


6 thoughts on “I feel guilty eating.

  1. I have several tips if you need help…start the day with a banana/coffee and eat smaller meals. B complex vitamin to skyrocket metabolism and D vitamins for mood elevation (lack of vitamins from sunlight in everyone these days)


      1. You don’t need to fit hollywood and televisions standards for weight in women though. These actresses and models look like teenage boy skeletons…it’s not attractive to me. I like curvy women


  2. You’re welcome, i was overweight until age 17 and had no confidence in myself which led to depression through the teenage growing pains. I’m not a health guru though, i smoke cigarettes still and having trouble kicking the habit…i’ve quit 2 times but now i am using the excuse “Oh i have too much stress in life to give this up”, then i realize that it’s just an excuse to keep my stupid habit


    1. I hope you manage to kick the habit, but we all have bad habits, it’s our own lives so I guess it’s up to us how we look after our bodies. Xx


      1. We live in the “go go go” era, it’s rare for someone to have peace of mind when there is no time for the mind to rest (Many people put more hours into work than sleep these days). If you work 50-60 hours a week and sleep 42 (6 hours a night)


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