Mental health

It’s amazing how quickly things can change.

This morning I woke up ate everything I had in my flat, went back to sleep, and then the second time I woke up I decided to get up, but for some reason I was really tearful and wanting to die. I laid on the sofa in my shorts and t-shirt, with a blanket and the heating on. Still crying, I was watching what ever was in tv at that time. 

I had texted a few people, my carer, because I wanted to talk over text about how I felt and my sister who lives down the road from me to see if we could meet and break up the day. Texting my carer helped but kinda went round in circles with my sister, we were meeting then we weren’t. I couldn’t keep up. Dad then called me and either has lied to me or my sister has lied to me, because I’ve been told she is in labour that means I have to go over to my parents and baby sit, as one sister and dad are off racing, and mum is my sisters birthing partner. So I need to look after my youngest sister. 

My family do like to be dramatic, and secretive but secretly they want you to know. They play mind games. 

As of this moment I haven’t a clue what’s going on! 

I’ve texted my sister who says she isn’t in labour that I’m not going over to parents unless I’m needed. I’m still waiting for dad to call/ text as I told him I will make my own way over. I know he has gone shopping for bits to go with him for racing. But he was the one who told me I was needed at parents because my sister was in labour.

By the way if you kept up with my ramberlings you deserve a medal. 🥇 

LATEST UPDATE: I went over and saw all my family which was nice. It is though that my sister is just in the beginning of labour, so I’m going to stay at my home until I get the text I’m needed to baby sit. Hope everything goes okay. Also found out my sister is changing surname her name. She is married and now wants a double-barrelled name. So my gift to her is useless. So off Buy a new one with the right name. 


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