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Cpn appointment 

Went well talked about medication, voices, and suicide. 

She asked about self harm, which I’m currently trying to control. 

She said she won’t call and mental health act assessment if I tell her what I’m taking,  I still didn’t tell her. 

Spoke about getting a break from reality, by dying or medication. 

Talked about a new trial drug that might help. 

I don’t think people know how much I’m struggling with my life right now. It’s torment. 


One thought on “Cpn appointment 

  1. All CPN’s do is get a long sheet of paper with patients names on and try to tick there name off as quickly as possible. YOU ARE NOT A NUMBER ROSIE. Remember that you are special and unquie and will fight this. If you aren’t getting the right support out of your mental health service FIGHT BACK. I know you may not have the strength but start by making one phone call and tell them they aren’t doing enough. I have been passed around the mental health service for far too long as I am finally kicking and screaming and now they realise they can’t just tick me off ASAP they have to listen and do something. x


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