Mental health

Revrant at the mental hospital 

We talked about heaven and hell

She hugged me

Gave me a small bible

Gave me the service sheet with a lovely quote on

She said she won’t say I will go to heaven if I commit suicide because she doesn’t want to give me permission to think I can lull myself and go to heaven

She said my life is like a living hell so anything else would be a break and positively better. 

We connected. God is telling me right now I’m safe, he will keep me safe. 

She asked if I have a suicide plan or if I just go day by day. I said I take things day by day. 


One thought on “Revrant at the mental hospital 

  1. As a believer in the Lord, Rosie this struck a chord with me. I have made many attempts on my life and often think about ending it all, however the idea of my soul going through turmoil for eternity in hell scares me. I don’t think it is that simple. The Lord of loving and forigiving. I hope you are well and send you blessings xx

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