Mental health

Called my cpn. 

I’m feeling so low, I really believe I will do something. We had a good chat. I feel like I was wasting her time because I feel I still might do something and then I will have wasted her time.

I’m scared of myself and what I may do, because I think deep down I don’t want to die. 

I’m a failure. 


3 thoughts on “Called my cpn. 

  1. You are far from a failure Rosie. Despite feeling very low you are still worrying about wasting other peoples time. You are thinking about death yet you have chosen to stay alive. You are not a failure you are a fighter 🙂 don’t forget having your medicine increased will be making you feel a lot worse x


    1. Thank you hunny. That is very helpful. Your so supportive. XxxxX yer that’s what I’m worried about because I feel really strongly about hurting myself, I’m scared I might. Xxx

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