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Took me seriously has tests. 

I was feeling so unwell with this new medication change, I kept shaking, being really stiff, achey, trouble swallowing, blood pressure all over the place, fast heart rate, headache. This was all because of my medication I’m on an antipsychotic quetiapine. 

It’s been upped above the recommended amount to help control my thoughts and voices, I will admit it is helping with that, but the physical effects are making me feel so week, had to go to the mental hospital when my psychiatrist found out what was going on, had a duty doctor check me over and nurse take my blood, they were then sent in a taxi to hospital for urgent results. 

Yep that’s right my bloods had a taxi drive.

 The duty doctor sent me home with medication and then called me in the night with results. My results weren’t too bad, but they could have been worse. I was worried because they didn’t physically show why I felt so ill. 

Now I’m just struggling to cope with the suicidal thoughts and dealing with my own thoughts.

I’m so glad they took me seriously because I was worried they weren’t bothered, but I think it proves they do. I’m starting to feel physically better and I will keep strong.


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