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I’m creating a Safe space 

This safe space is currently in the bed room although I’m hoping to make it so that it’s easy to move depending on where I feel safe at the time. 

So far it’s got a massive Bean bag, it’s so comfy and it mould a to my body so i feel safe and held. 

I’m adding my blanket to it. I’ve got a really soft big blanket with the writing saying “Rosie, Fearless and Free.” 

I’ve included a Teddy that I got when I went on holiday years and years ago with my family to Florida. It’s simba from the lion king, wrapped in a leaf. It’s so soft and perfect to cuddle. 

The Pillow I’m including is a personalised pillow if my cats, with love typed on to it. 

I’ve got a nightlight cat which is always on at night, it’s got teo settings that it can be on white light which is the option I choose or it can be changing multicoloured. I also have a relaxing water and wave light which you can choose the colour.

Relaxing music, I have a play list that I’m still adding to of songs that help me to relax and be calm. I’m choosing them carefully because it’s very easy to get memory’s and flashbacks of things my brain has related to a song. 

I’m planning on adding Photos that are calming and nice. Especially ones if family and cats. Probably mostly just photos I’ve taken, and when I look at them they take me to a good place. 


One thought on “I’m creating a Safe space 

  1. It’s a good idea to have a safe place. Mine used to be a “crisis cupboard” when I used to get upset I would fling myself into the cupboard and it was someone safe and dark that I could call mine and just relax in. X


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