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Doctors appointment on Friday. 

I went to my doctor because I keep collapsing, but instead I got a lecture. 

He noticed how much weight I had lost but when he found out my bmi is okay he wasn’t bothered. 

He said that I need to find my path and focus in life. I came to talk to him about collapsing and I get a lecture on life. He said you have your driving licence and been on holiday (which was years ago) why are you still struggling… I HAVE MENTAL ILLNESS…. a holiday and licence doesn’t cure it! He just doesn’t get this! 

He told me I should move out of the area, thinks that will help. And told me to turn to religion. 

He told me it’s really hard to get in the health bmi so I should be happy but wanted to give me steroids to make me hungry so I would eat more and not go down in to underweight. I haven’t got a problem with being hungry, I’ve got a problem with eating calories. 

In the end he told me I keep collapsing because lack of food, the fluid diluted my blood. Low blood sugar and low blood pressure and low heamaglobin and iron. 

Even though I told him I can’t let myself eat fatty foods he continued to tell me to eat more. I’m sat in front of you physically telling you I’m scared of calories and all I get it eat more. 

Wow that was a really awful appointment. 

I used to get on really well with him but now he just doesn’t understand. 


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