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Youngest sisters party and the approvments I’ve made

Yesterday was my youngest sister birthday and party, she turns 10. Feels like she is growing up so much. 

She said to me ther gifts I gave her made her life complete. I’m so glad she liked them I painted a few things and then giant inflatables, and a four leaf clover necklace. She was so pleased and happy. 

Then parents and that went to get things ready for the party. I was with the birthday girl and my sister who is 16, it was nice to spend quality time with them, the birthday girl wanted to play with her toys so I was in charge of opening the boxes, whilst also talking to my sister who is 16. She was really upset, she felt like mum and dad aren’t appreciating the tidying she does and that they are constantly going on at her to help. She also really wanted her boyfriend to come to our sisters party but parents said no. She was crying so we had s group hug.

I’m so glad I was there so she could talk to me and express how she was feeling. Her exams finish this week, understandable she is still very stressed about them.

Then I stayed, normally I would have gone home, I find my parents house to overwhelming with all the bad memories and the intense atmosphere.

It was party time at 3pm, I had been at my parents house since 7:30 am, this is a record breaker for how long I would normally stay there. 

Well the party was really busy and stressful but I think due to the pregabline I was able to stay and take control when mum and dad were busy with other things. It was sad to see the birthday girl left out of everything. She is really quiet and shy (like I was) and she was always left out. I made s big deal of making sure she chose what we were doing and when. I think this helped her feel like it was her party, despite the nasty “friends”. There was two nice ones out of I think 13. I feel sorry for her, I’m also glad I was there to talk to her and help her through it as she was pretty stressed. Our parents aren’t very good at this. 

So yer anyway I left there’s at 10:30pm. I stayed there 15 hours. 

At the end my mum said to me I like your new medication your so much better on it and I’m really proud of you today.  This is HUGE! Mum doesn’t compliment me, and she was proud of me. 

So ending on a high, things are slowing getting better on pregabline. 


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