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Thank you to my care co-ordinator for helping me feel safe.

I know I think your spying on me but I know this is just because of the devil and government making you. 

I kept telling you I wanted help and to feel safe but kept rejecting everything that you would suggest. And that left you feeling frustrated with me, but I was just to stubborn to say yes and in reality I wasn’t even sure what I want. 

And that lead to me being sectioned, and I’ve been in here a week. And I’ve felt safe at times but mainly I want to thank you, even though I was pushing you away you were there by my side trying to keep me safe. I can see this now. I know your just trying to keep me safe, 

I hope you still want to be my care co-ordinator. Your the best one I’ve ever had. 
You know who you are, Thank you. 💐


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