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Week one over of being sectioned.

… three more to go. 

Today I have filled in the paper work to appealed my section. 

I’ve been in here a week I got my first walk off the ward escorted, we went to a near by park, was allowed only half an hour. It was good for feel the sun shining on my face and hearing all the “normal” noises I would hear at home. Here the windows are so thick you can’t hear much of the outside. 

I’m now hoping I can have an hour to go home today with my cousin/carer, but no one seems to know what’s going on. It’s frustrating me that I don’t know if I can go or not. 

No one knows the same things, and everyone tells me something different. It’s so frustrating, not knowing what’s going on. 

Spoke to a lady from the advocacy place, and we talked about my consaltant is now off for two weeks, so I’m terrified I will be kept here forever. I need to know when ward round is? Who’s doing it? And when can I leave? Or get off my section. 


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