Mental health

Feels like staff aren’t real nurses or health care assistants. 

They don’t have much time to talk and if you do it doesn’t seem focused. 

How are they mean to be monitoring my mental health if this really is a mental health ward. They see me for seconds when looking through my door? How can they judge what’s going on, that’s kind my point they don’t know what’s going on and this is what is…

I wanted to talk to them about the voices, and how all the photos/pictures around the ward have BUGS/INSECTS??? Is it to prove the point they are bugging me. 

Plus the white box on the ceiling by the staff room is tracking me and bugging my phone.

The man has been with me on and off, no one knows he comes on here even though it’s a female ward? 

And the next main thing I want to talk about is the insects and bugs everywhere. 


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