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Pip face to face assessment.

It's been some really stressful two weeks since I received the letter in the post about going to a face to face assessment for my Benifits.

I've now had the assessment, but I remember the day I received the letter it was in a white envelope instead of brown so it was completely unexpected. I sat on my bed and as I read it I burst out crying, it was my worst night mare. Instantly I was full with fear, anxiety, and dread. I felt like I had to prove I was ill, which I think is unfair.

My carer help me put so much before before the interview, in to writing the possible questions and answers. Just to take the pressure off when we went.

The person I saw was ok. It started off with being questioned about everyday things.

Too be honest I have no idea why they asked the questions they did I don't feel they didn't gave an insight in to what I'm dealing with and how I live my life.

I wasn't asked much questions as I previously thought I would be.

Plus the appointment time got changed on the day which was really terrifying and difficult to deal with.

I'm happy it's over but I don't believe the face to face assessment will give the dwp any extra information about my illness and how my daily life is.

I've now got weeks until a reply is expected and I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to stop worrying about it.

What's you experienced of the uk benefit system?


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