Mental health

How can I keep myself safe.

Can I?

I don’t feel safe from my self or anyone else???

I hate this hospital, I hope I’ve not got to come back as inpatient.

I’m scared, I know they are spying on me,,, I know I’m not safe here.

I’ve got my music on and I’m signing out of this real world. I’m so anxious I’ve gone in to my own world.

What will happen next?

I hope I don’t see my consultant, or anyone who’s after me. I think there are some I can trust, but it’s trying to figure out what’s going on, who and why?

I want to Escape this world.

I need to go soon… run away, the longer in here the more likely it is to bump in to my care team.

Music 🎧 up on loud and dissociate.


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